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For some people, the release plan of Ford F150 may be shocking news. This is because the Ford F150 has just been released several years ago, and there have been planning for the newer generation. Of course, this can be good news. In this case, as a new generation, there must be some changes brought by this car. In this case, there are also some choices of trims including choices of engine. There are rumors saying that there will be 2019 Ford F 150 as the additional options of the engine specifications. Of course, the whole detail of specifications will be nice things to consider.

2019 Ford F 150 Limited Pickup

2019 Ford F 150 Diesel Review

About the design, it seems that the 2019 Ford F150 Diesel will not get too many changes. There are mild changes, but those are notable changes to see. Those changes or updates can be found in the design of the front area. Its front area will have a new design of grilles, headlamps and also bumpers to provide a better look in this new generation. For some trims, the designs of grilles are made different and exclusive that will be one of the distinctive points. Then, the rear area will also get some changes in its tailgate and also taillamps.


About the engine, it is true that there will be 2019 Ford F150 Diesel. For the diesel engine, the car is predicted to have a 3.0-liter power stroke diesel engine. This engine will find its debut in this car and however, there is still no clear details about the power and further specification of this engine. This car is also going to have 3.3-liter a 325-horsepower twin-turbo V6 is the standard engine and upgrading to the more powerful 375-horsepower version costs an extra $1,600. Other option of the engine will be 2.7-liter EcoBoost engine that will have 10-speed automatic transmission (AT). Those are some specifications and changes found in this new 2019 F150.

There have been some rumors that 2019 Ford F150 Diesel will get its new generation. There will be Ford F150 for 2019. Of course, this lineup will get attention since this has been one of the popular series of the car from Ford. In this case, the car will come with some trims or choices. There are some updates and changes made to make this car more interesting. About its release date, it is expected that the car will be ready in the fall of 2019. Surely, there will be some points related to the 2019 F150 Diesel and those are interesting points to see.

2019 Ford F 150 Platinum Truck For Sale


2019 F150 Diesel will be one of the choices provided for the new generation of Ford F150. There are actually some engine options to find for this model. In this case, related to the 2019 Ford F150 Diesel, there is a 3.0-liter Power Stroke engine that will be the diesel engine of this car. Then, this is not the only option of its engine. There will also be a new engine of 2.7-liter EcoBoost engine. This engine will get some enhancement to make sure that there will be better efficiency and stronger output for this car. Then, the other engine will be 3.3liter V6 engien. This engine will be supported by direct-injection technology.


More information about 2019 F150 Diesel will be about its design. For the design, the whole trims or choices 2019 Ford F150 will get some changes. Basically, those changes may not bring major updates. However, those are still notable updates to see. In this case, its grilles, headlamps, bumpers, and taillamps will get some updates for the designs. Each trim will also have its own significant updates. For its interior, the car will be supported by adaptive cruise control and also pre-collision alert. There is also 4G LTE wifi, Apple CarPlay and also Android Auto.

Ford F150 Lightning becomes one of the trims of Ford F150. The Ford F150 itself is a nice truck lineup from Ford. Based on its history, the first model of Lighting was released in 1993 and this became the sport trim of F-150. Then, the newer generation was launched in 1999 and it came with smaller engine specification that actually could bring more power. After that, the Lightning is going to make new debut again. 2019 Ford F150 Lightning will be the nice truck to and it will be ready in 2019. Of course, its new and updated specifications and details will have waited.

2019 Ford F Series 150 Limited

Ford F 150 Lightning Specs

Actually, the 2019 F150 Lightning still has limited information. It is hard to see how this new generation of Lightning will be. So far, things are still speculations and rumors based on the limited information and other car’s specification that may be references to this car. Even, the car’s release date is still kept as secret and there is no clear date for it. However, it is predicted that this car will be ready before mid-2019. There is still enough time to wait for how this car will look like. However, one of the sure things is that the car will have an aluminum body to give lighter weight and better handling.

About the engine specification, it seems that the 2019 Ford F150 Lightning will use the EcoBoost engine technology. Most of Ford’s car already uses this engine, especially the newly-released cars. About the engine, it seems that the car will choose V8 engine rather than the V6 engine. Then, there are predictions that this car will be equipped also with some features of the supercharged engine. Other rumors say that there will be a twin-turbo engine. These are still speculations, so people still need to wait. About the power, 500 horsepower will be expected, and it is better to be higher than that.

2019 Ford F 250 For Sale Truck Super Duty

Ford Trucks F 250 Review

Ford F-Series become some famous series from Ford. The pick-up trucks become a good choice for its power. This truck can run in the off-road track and highway excellently. In this case, there has been news stating that Ford is preparing the new generation for the F-Series and 2019 Ford F250 Diesel will be one of them. In this case, there is only limited information for the upcoming F250. Its expectations and specifications from some experts may provide information about this car.

So far, the 2019 Ford F250 Diesel will have a stronger body with steel and lighter material. This can cut the previous weight so the car can have improved handling and acceleration. Its aerodynamic design and fuel efficiency also get some attention, so those aspects will be upgraded. Of course, its grille will get updated and there will be the design of two large bars in chrome. Its grille is supported by the LED technology for its headlights and taillights. In the interior, the car is going to bring a luxurious and comfortable design.

There are some features for entertainment, such as the smartphone integration, audio system in premium quality accompanied by the satellite radio, Bluetooth connectivity, and other technologies. The car will also have spacious leg and head space. The upholstery will use high-quality leather material. Some safety features and driving assistance are provided to make sure that this truck can provide great comfort.


For the engine, 2019 Ford F250 Diesel will have good power. Its diesel engine will be able to produce 440 horsepower and it comes from the 6.7L turbocharged V8 engine. Then, the car will also have a petrol engine. For the petrol engine, the car will have a 6.2L V8 engine. This car can provide up to 385 engine. These two options become great specifications to have and those will make the truck have great powertrain.

2019 Ford F350 Super Duty Price

2019 Ford F 350 Super Duty Price

There are great pick-up truck collections. Among those collections, Ford F-Series has its own collection of a great truck. In this case, F350 becomes one of the good pick-up truck models from Ford. There are also F150 and F250. In this case, related to the F350, there are rumors saying that there will be a new generation of F350. 2019 Ford F350 will be the name of the new generation. Among those series of F350, 2019 Ford F350 Dually will be available. Its diesel engine will be a great point to wait for.

In this case, related to the specifications, there are some great points to see. This car is said to have premium performance and designs. Its interior will have some interesting feature to have. The car will have a high definition touch screen to access the infotainment feature and other features provided in this car. Ford’s SYNC and climate manage will also be available for this car, especially in the high trim. Interior lighting effects, Energy Device Team, and Trailers brake management become other things to find in this car. Those are some useful features to help drivers while driving this truck.  Of course, these features will also be available for the choice of 2019 Ford F 350 Dually.


Then, for the engine, there are still rumors. Limited information is available, yet it does not clarify clearly about the engine specifications. In this case, there are some rumors saying that there will be 2019 Ford F350 Dually Diesel. Its diesel engine will be a 5.7Liter of the V8 engine. Then, there is also the choice of a petrol engine. For the petrol engine, this F350 will also have a 5.7-liter V8 engine. Both of the engines will have 6-speed automatic transmission. Of course, the clear specification will be found when the car is released. Its powertrain and other specification will be revealed when the car has been officially released.

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