2021 Lexus IS Redesign and Specs

Thursday, July 11th, 2019 - Lexus

Are you going to follow, or change lanes? Well, whatever you choose, just make sure that you’re going with this next-generation 2021 Lexus IS sports sedan! This beauty is offering comfort and convenient first inside the cabin, with the sport seats which is beautifully covered leather. The all-black color looking of this Lexus just makes it more elegant than any other car’s cabin. The seat is adjustable and positioned for better comfort and visibility of the passengers. More leg room is available for the second-row back seat, and it also has a larger trunk for your journey’s accompany.

2021 Lexus IS Interior

2021 Lexus IS Redesign


The luxurious Lexus IS 2021 is very flaunting, as the design will just going to attract you away. This sporty looking Sedan has something that is very chic on its design, as it’s very smooth and flattering with its aerodynamic design. The fully redesigned Lexus is upgraded from the look much better than the previous look, and it also has interesting color choices that is suited for both older and younger buyers, such as Obsidian, Matador Red, and also Atomic Silver.

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What about the specs? Well, this Lexus IS has the standard Lexus’ specifications, such as the gas engine type with 21/30 mpg fuel economy and Bimmer’s 3.0L turbocharged. A V6 engine is installed with the Rear-Wheel drive on the drive train. It is also completed with a 6-speed transmission with 5 total seating. This luxurious car also has 335 horsepower @ 6400 rpm on its maximum speed, with 184 lb-ft @ 4800 rpm on the maximum torque.

2021 Lexus IS Pictures

Price and Release

If you’re craving for this Lexus IS, then you should prepare at least $36,100 up to $50,000 as a starting point. This Sedan is surely quite affordable with such specifications and designs, and we have a feeling that the next-generation 2021 Lexus will be just as flaunting as this one.

2021 Lexus IS Redesign and Specs Pictures

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