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All-New Dodge Ram 1500 has introduced to the market. The new model comes with a new look, features, updates, and upgrades. The customers say the new model of Ram 1500 has impressive power of V6 engine. The turbodiesel is in six and it is better for fuel efficiency. And the new model always gives a new look and Ram has excellent interior design and space and it is well finished. It has more power and performance to be on the road.

All-New Dodge RAM Rebel Concept Pics

The Dodge Ram 1500 Review

If the interior and exterior design are more stylish and comfortable. It is because both the interior and exterior design has been improved with other features. The interior design has roomier space and it has a bundle of features to comfort the driving experience and ease the driver in driving this truck. The exterior design is more handsome and musclier with more great texture and pattern.

Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi has a modern and excellent interior design. There are some upgraded features. The entertainment features are much better. There are also other features like Bluetooth, USB port, MP3, audio speaker and more. The more significant change is in the room size that is more spacious. It offers a more comfortable experience in driving a full-size truck. It has more other features to provide a long distance journey in fun and comfortable.

For the exterior appearance, Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi has a muscular body shape. The body line is curved with more muscle. The face shape is more handsome and looks much stronger. It comes with LED lighting at the headlamp and it is really impressive. It has a larger body and tail to bring more loads and for the long journey. The overall appearance of the body look is very handsome and has modern and sophisticated accents.

All-New Dodge RAM Engine 2018

Dodge Ram 1500 Specs

For the engine, Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi is powered with V6 engine where it generates 395 horsepower. It has 17 mpg in the city and 25 mpg in highway. There is also an option to go with EcoDiesel engine with 3.0 liter of turbodiesel six. It makes 240 horsepower. And with HEMI, it has a V8 engine but the fuel economy is higher in 20/28 mpg. It is priced starting at $25,060. It can be more depending on the package you have.

Dodge Ram 1500 should be understood well for the customers to know what changes are in the new model of Ram and what the pros and cons are. It can lead you to some articles that you need to read it one by one. Here, it will be completed. For the pros, it has a V-6 engine like the real option to gain more powers and great performance. The turbodiesel six is much better for the fuel economy. The interior design is also more excellent with more features.

For the cons, the Dodge Ram 1500 review shows some cons by the customers. It is the air suspension that limits the compliance on the road. Although it looks simple and small, it has an effect on comfort when you are driving. Eth safety system is also still a liability. This is the homeowner for Dodge Ram to repair and make the safety is at the top of priority for the next design. And the towing ratings have fallen in over and over. These are the pros and cons generally.

All-New Dodge RAM Rebel Concept Interior

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Ram Sport Review

Dodge Ram Sport has been released in the late of this year and ready to drive on the adventure. This is sport design of Ram where it has been famous because of the power and muscular body shape as the truck car design with more changes, features, and improvements. In the new model, Ram Sport comes with great performance and comfortable driving experience. It has more updates and upgrades features. It has the promise to convey all passengers.

Dodge Ram Sport has sport look of the body shape. The exterior design shows it in fresher and better face shape. The sport looks come with several body paints. You can select the favorite color like red, black or silver. The cab size is wider and larger. There are LED lamps of the headlights. The body looks musclier with more curves and lines of the edge that is suitable as the elegant truck design. It looks strong too with the sharper face shape. It looks great.

The interior design of Dodge Ram Sport is roomier too. It seems Ram Sport will add more comfortable features to attract more customers to have the adventure together with Dodge Ram Sport. The features of standard adventure are equipped so well like navigation, entertainment features, Bluetooth, iPod or USB port and many more. The seats are leathered with high-quality material. It has a more impressive appearance and feeling inside.

All-New Dodge RAM Rebel Concept Pictures

Specs and Price

Dodge Ram Sport has better performance than the previous model. It is powered with the 5.7-liter engine and it makes 395 horsepower. It has the rate of EPA in 15 for the city and 22 for the highway. The price is started at $ 35,105. There are more other trims too to select like RAM 1500 Express, Tradesman and more. That is plenty of power to have a wild adventure and even for the off-road track.

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All-New Dodge RAM Pickup 2018

Ram RT Review

Going work, bring more loads is never been more exciting without Dodge Ram RT. This is a luxurious truck design with more powers. It has been improved and upgraded. The new model has more changes inside and outside. It looks more modern, stylish and fresher appearance from the outside. From the inside, it has more comfortable features to enjoy. It looks great with great and high performance. This is the right truck design for any kinds of your work and style.

Dodge Ram RT has more comfortable interior design. It has a smooth ride, luxurious rig, the leather is styled with high material and texture, the seats are more comfortable and there is a ton of storage that makes this truck is the right consideration both for high style and mobile work with heavy loads. The features inside are also perfecting the comfortable seating. It offers a more comfortable feeling from the cockpit and the driving position is more comfortable too. The interior design is elegant.

From the exterior design, Dodge Ram RT has a two-door body. It has the elegant and modern exterior design from the face to the tail. The face looks great with LED lighting and the tail is greater with wider and larger space of the cab for more loads and goodies to bring. The body shape is muscular. It is curved so well. The line of the body doesn’t make a wrinkle but it makes the body shape more aggressive and impressive surely.

All-New Dodge RAM 2018 Pictures


Dodge Ram RT is on the market today. You can go to the dealer today.

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