Saleen S7 2018 Twin Turbo Road Test

Monday, June 17th, 2019 - Saleen

Having a supercar is something that dreamed by many people. And when you want to talk about the supercar, you can’t forget about Saleen S7 2018. This car was quite popular back in 2006 as one of the streetcars and candidate as formula 1 car. Well, it’s kind of pity that Saleen didn’t use this car for the campaign in formula 1. But they already send S7R version with similar engine and design. Knowing that fact, we can actually figure that when we buy this car, we can get a street car with the quality that equal to formula 1 car. That’s pretty amazing, right?

Saleen S7 2018 Release Date

The Saleen S7 2018 Is a Small Supercar

One of the things that needed to be done before a car was actually released is doing the road test. And it goes for Saleen S7 2018 Twin Turbo too. When you press the start button in this car, you can feel the direct kinship of this street yet racing car. It’s all thanks to the modern and high technology of the 7.0-liter twin-turbocharged base size engine with V8 cylinder. The engine truly makes you feel like riding a non-regular car. After you start the engine, you can smoothly go forward and in no time, you can create the 1,300 horsepower. That’s quite new to produce such speed in no time after riding the car.

$1M Price Tag

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Saleen S7 2018 with 1300 Horsepower

If you want to speed up, you can take the brakes easily because the cylinder of the engine was connected by a balance bar. Just for your information, that’s the type of brakes that usually found most of the race cars. The setup was actually pretty hard so the brakes can be held without you pushing it too hard. That’ll reassure you while you are driving. Driving in this car is like driving in the real race car. You can feel this sensation when you try to ride this Saleen S7 2018 Twin Turbo.

Saleen S7 2018 Twin Turbo Road Test Pictures

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